03 July 2015

Currently: Summer Infused Goings On

Growing basil, mint and three different types of tomatoes. Simple but so rewarding. There is something really rewarding and neat about growing, tending to and then consuming it. Amen.

Dreaming [planning] a future garden full of all sorts of veggies and flowers too.

Reading up on composting. Again, this is all in part due to my desire to grow a garden. It's all about the compost I hear.

Enjoying all the simple things that summer provides like more daylight, hot days that make me so appreciate air conditioning, more barbeques, church in the park and sitting outside talking until the sun goes down. Good stuff!

Consuming plenty of Arnold Palmers [homemade of course], iced coffee, La Croix sparkling waters and popsicles. All great things to beat the heat. Yes!

Planning and looking forward to a one-way cruise up the coast to Vancouver, BC where we'll stay on for a few nights in the city and take in some gorgeous sights, good food and all that I hear is so wonderful about Vancouver. Excited and thinking Christmas season will make it a little extra special.

Looking forward to 4th of July with my immediate family which means a barbeque + swimming + fireworks at dark. And some fun, sparkling, fruity & alcohol free drinks I've been concocting in my head. Simple. Simple is good in my book.

24 October 2014

Project Life | August

Here is my August spread for Project Life. I know I am out of chronological order but I'll get those previous weeks/months posted, I will. My biggest challenge right now is photographing these spreads and having them look some what decent. Hoping it will get better as I go.

I still really like the whole gold/sparkle/shimmer thing. Gold is fun and happy for me right now, so I'm going with it. I'm keeping things simple as far as supplies go. I'm using Midnight Edition Kit + a variety of other papers, stickers and the like. Trying to find my groove, looking at all the amazing scrappers doing PL and wow there are just so many crazy good pages out there and a lot to be inspired by.

August was: my niece's 15th birthday, my sister-in-law's birthday, #augustbreak2014 challenge on Instagram, lots of summer veggies from my dad's garden, serving with my church, the start of the back porch renovation (need to work on that a lot more), Lucy and the everyday stuff of life.

The first of #hooptydooptyscaliforniacollection on my Instagram. I really like this accidental collection. I have it framed right above my desk.

September monthly spread coming up soon. This project is still so enjoyable and creative. I am enjoying the process.

xo, Collette

17 October 2014

Weekend Links | Nº 3 and Lucy

This dog. Oh this dog. I love her to bits. I really do. Every morning, after I have gotten out of bed, she manages to find her way up into my spot and take what I like to call her morning nap. And sometimes she brings a toy. This day she brought this very faded plastic squeaky toy, pink squeaker as I call it, from outside as a gift, an offering if you will. That's what dogs do. Or this dog anyway. And I love it!

Have a terrific weekend.

xo, Collette

• I love the idea of a tiny apartment.

• Oh this is good. Geometric wood flooring DIY. I am so smitten with this blog.

• I was so glad to see a proper ode to the baked potato or puh • tah • toh. This is the way they are meant to be prepared folks. Never, ever, I repeat never, ever microwave the classic potato please.

• I'm kind of gaga about These Girls/This Girl series. So good!

• Blue slouchy cords. Yes please! I need a pair for each day of the week thank you very much.

• One of my fave feeds on Instagram. These guys are genius and I want one of every item they sell, yes please.

Not a boring business story! It's fun, filled with her enthusiasm (which btw is contagious) and she has stuff to share that is helpful. Go read the series.

• And this birthday party. Gah! Handmade goodness to the max. And her blog is just filled with gorgeous photos all the time.

16 October 2014

Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall

image via Martha Stewart

Finally, it is starting to feel *fall*like here in Southern California. Instead of it being 90º the day is only peaking in the low 80's. Crazy I know but folks it is So. Cal. I'm hopeful it will get cooler and we will see some rain and the leaves will change. At least the evenings have cooled down. Please Lord let there be rain, and soon!

Nothing says fall like apples. I am looking forward to some hot apple cider. The difference between cider and apple juice. So simple, right. Looking to make cider? Watch how simple it is here. I will definitely be making my own cider.  I am thinking a trip to the apple orchards at the base of our local mountains is in order. Hello all things delicious made with apples!

 image via Old Navy

I am definitely looking forward to being able to wear a cardigan and long sleeves. I'm not asking for much here so please get your act together So Cal and bring the cooler weather.

What are you enjoying/looking forward to during the Fall season? Do tell.

xo, Collette

14 October 2014

Free Printable From Studio Calico

Found this via Design Editor. Studio Calico has a new free printable for Fall + and a chance to win stuff. Good stuff. Share #scinspires and talk about what inspires you. I like that prompt. What inspires you? Please feel free in the comments. Let's talk inspiration. Don't be shy.

xo, Collette

13 October 2014

Currently | A List of Doings

I'd be lying if I said I didn't like lists. And I know I am not alone fellow list makers/lovers. Whatever type of list it be: grocery, to-do, goals, life list, etc. There's something very satisfying about writing things down. It is a bit like a journal to me and definitely a way organise my thoughts and clear my head.

Dreaming about travel and planning a trip. I don't know where or when but it has been very present and on my mind of late. Considering I use to travel all the time, it's time to start making that happen. And it needn't be half way around the world. I'm open to all adventures, near & far.

Welcoming the change in weather all be it slow. Fall, come on already! You're hinting but not all the way here. The cooler nights are starting to feel so good.

Wanting to take a couple of classes. Photography and any class related to graphic design. For me, for fun. Just because I want to.

Listening to podcasts and thinking I need to go to these more often. So much stuff out there and so interesting.

Adding this book to my 'want to read list'. You can listen to an interview with Louis Zamperini here.

Watching The Voice and liking the team this season. I think Gwen & Pharrell make fabulous editions. Especially Gwen. C'mon she's the lone girl and she's funny and ever-so-fashionable. Looking forward to the knock-out rounds.

Cooking/Making a lot more lately. Chili, meatballs + marinara, Chinese chopped salad (sans chicken), coleslaw and deviled eggs. Not all together of course!  I do love to cook but admit I'm not forever inspired to always make it happen but when I find my rhythm I am so on it! I do enjoy food prep, the handling of fresh ingredients and the process of bringing it all together. It's relaxing. I need to remember this when I'm feeling uninspired and in a hurry. Or just lazy.

Studying The Book of Psalms. Under the tutelage of great teachers of course. Packed with so much inspiration it's amazing. And I'm not surprised because God's Word is always amazing. Always.

Wearing flip flops and sandals and sleeping with a light weight blanket still. Gah! Can't wait to put on socks and proper shoes and denims and scarfs and jumpers. Can't wait!

Getting ready to start Christmas card designs/plans. Yes already! It is that time. I have failed these last couple of years at sending them out. Not going to happen this year!

Thinking about Thanksgiving details. Looking at recipes, dreaming about table settings and the like but not sure what we're doing just yet? Last year was so good I'm still savouring it.

Using my glue stick, corner punch, scissors and pens a lot. And loving every minute. A good black pen goes a long way in my book. A long way.

10 October 2014

Weekend Links | Nº 2

What does 'Live Well' mean to you? For me, it is a combination of things but enjoying the simple and small things is one of the key ways I live well. Catching a glimpse, like above, and just savouring it is one of those things for me.
Have a great weekend! Enjoy the links. I hope you are inspired.

• Yeah. I pretty much think this is the coolest ice chest I've seen. And I want to make one!

• My favourite sleep gear is boxer shorts and a tee. I also want to make quite a few of these.

Birthday letter to self. I like her perspective.

• The most candid and honest writing from a hugely successful and incredibly talented blogger about depression. And I can't say enough how much I admire this.

• This is awesome in so many ways. Not your average Christmas card/letter for sure.
And download her nifty envelope liners here.

• Make a great travel binder/travel journal like Kelly Purkey did here. I so like her aesthetic. Girl's got some serious style happening if I say so myself.

• Who knew pegboard could look so hip + new.

xo, Collette

06 October 2014

My California Collection on Instagram

 By accident I started a little collection on my Instagram titled 'California' (#hooptydopptyscaliforniacollection) and I have to say I'm sort of chuffed about it. I noticed that I was capturing scenes that seemed to be small iconic bits of California and I went with it. It's not that these things are exclusive to California but they are very much a part of the larger, collective whole that says California to me. And yes, I know that the palm tree is not native to California but it is very much a part of California landscape, as are many other things I hope to slowly capture and add. I like little accidental projects like this that turn into something with a direction and purpose. All for fun, that is all.

xo, Collette

05 October 2014

Weekend Links | Nº 1

The sky was so beautiful this morning and the sun, well the sun was so hot. We're having some rather warm weather here in So. Cal to put it mildly. Autumn where are you? Because the sky was so clear with what felt like painted whisps of clouds floating above, somehow, just somehow it made the heat that much more tolerable. Not tolerable enough for me to move out from underneath the canopy my brother had put up as we watched my nephew's soccer game though. (and let me say that this shot was snapped right from my seat because even standing in it long enough to capture a photo is sometimes too much for me). If not for that shade I would have been hiding out all the way across the field near the 'snack shack' looking for some form of cover from this heat.

I always appreciate links from some of my favorite blogs. Here are some that I wanted to share:

• Gorgeous gift tags + gift wrap available here. For free to boot!

Packing tape post cards. Super idea and who wouldn't have a smile on their face receiving one of these in the post?

• Are you a goal setter, life-lister or perhaps a perfectionist? I still think of this post often. It's just so good.

• I don't know if the whole ombre trend is on it's way out or still trending but I don't care. I still like this cabinet heaps!

• If I had the gumption to paint the wood trim in my 1904 house I would so do this! And the DIY fixture in there. Ah H E L L O to die for.

• The coolest ring like ever! Serious creativeness happening here. I want one.

Unbroken. Have you read it? I must read this!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
xo, Collette

18 September 2014

The Week Past

Project Life of course + just having fun with little sentiments like this.

In-N-Out happened. Yes, it did!

As did an Angels game with friends. Thank You Nic for a fun evening. I loved it!
(Can't stop giggling at the unintentional 'photo bomber'. Priceless!)

We loved our seats. We were a bit skeptical at first about it feeling like we were so far away + that we'd be sitting in the sun. We've been having a heat wave here in So. Cal. The sun was perfectly placed behind the opposite side of the stadium making our seats shaded. Hoorah! Our view was great. Double hoorah!

The fireworks were just behind us. The stadium lights went out. Loved how that felt.  I like how the photo captured the people turned around looking up. And there's something a bit magical that happens at a live baseball game. It is one of America's favourite past times after all.

 I celebrated another birthday. I am so incredibly blessed. Surrounded by family + friends. I am grateful to be so loved. And it included spumoni!

A good time was had by all.

xo, Collette