24 October 2014

Project Life | August

Here is my August spread for Project Life. I know I am out of chronological order but I'll get those previous weeks/months posted, I will. My biggest challenge right now is photographing these spreads and having them look some what decent. Hoping it will get better as I go.

I still really like the whole gold/sparkle/shimmer thing. Gold is fun and happy for me right now, so I'm going with it. I'm keeping things simple as far as supplies go. I'm using Midnight Edition Kit + a variety of other papers, stickers and the like. Trying to find my groove, looking at all the amazing scrappers doing PL and wow there are just so many crazy good pages out there and a lot to be inspired by.

August was: my niece's 15th birthday, my sister-in-law's birthday, #augustbreak2014 challenge on Instagram, lots of summer veggies from my dad's garden, serving with my church, the start of the back porch renovation (need to work on that a lot more), Lucy and the everyday stuff of life.

The first of #hooptydooptyscaliforniacollection on my Instagram. I really like this accidental collection. I have it framed right above my desk.

September monthly spread coming up soon. This project is still so enjoyable and creative. I am enjoying the process.

xo, Collette

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