14 July 2015

Project Life | June

I wanted this post to be about Project Life® and the half page spread I did for the month of June. I wanted to celebrate that I'm back and catching up and it feels good and fun and encouraging because if anything, doing any small creative project always makes me feel good. But first, let me share a little of my Instagram feed because, well . . . . . I'm getting to that

You see, I finally got around to picking up Project Life again as I have not worked on it (or blogged) or much else related to scrap/journaling for way too long but it is always so good to jump back in. Fortunately, I have all my photos fairly organized thanks to iPhoto and me categorizing things by month and/or event. It really helps because looking at images truly does jog my memory and I have a visual of life's happenings so completing things from months back isn't all that difficult.

These images, except for the one below, are from my IG and most of what I used to document the month of June. I think one of the reasons I drop off from doing spreads is because I do have gaps where I haven't taken photos, or I feel like I haven't really done anything interesting or document worthy which is soo dumb when I actually think about it. And I have not traveled (a huge part of my life) or had a proper vacation because it is a different season in my life and I long to get back to some of those things I miss but the everyday is document worthy (if only for me) and I enjoy looking back at this stuff even if it seems simple or mundane. It is what it is and it's a part of my journey. And if nothing else, it is a great creative outlet to document things and share.

So when I went to photograph the spread I did for June with my trusty and only camera, my iPhone, I was reminded that trying to photograph these spreads with it is not good. Ugh! It does does not do them any justice at all. They look great in person and I love my iPhone camera (I am an iPhone only Instagrammer) but it is a reminder that I really need a proper camera. One day. Hopefully sooner than later. Until then, please don't run away. Please!

So there you have it (poor quality and all). I used Midnight Edition Kit from Project Life® and few things from Studio Calico's Underground kit. Trying to use what I have and I really like the 4x4 page layout as it's perfect for IG photos. I am trying to keep things a little more streamlined and minimal but it's not always easy as I find myself feeling like I need to add more but I don't. The pictures can do the talking. I go back and forth with this but that's the beauty of no rules and being able to change things up. I just need to keep on keeping at it and have fun.

xo, Collette

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