20 August 2015

Experimenting With Water Color

I have been wanting to get some water colors for a while now and after quickly looking at what was out there I started doing that that justification thing. You know how it goes? Don't you?. "Do I really need these?" "Should I invest in more craft supplies?" (Please tell me I am not the only one with this dilemma, please!)

There I was at Target to buy some face wash and I decided to have a look-see in the craft supplies section and I decided on the good old, tried and true, Crayola kids set of water colors. Yep! A small investment for a new venture in the arts/craft arena. I also managed to purchase a very decent pad of water color paper. Again, advertised for kids. Ha! I have a cheap set of brushes that have been sitting around and wrong or right type I have no idea but they'll do. So with said paper and my little basic set of water colors I headed home guilt free knowing I got what I needed without spending too much to have a go at messing with water colors and experimenting.

It's been fun, to say the least, and my favorite part is mixing colors and seeing how they turn out because I have just the basic colors not one of those fancier sets with more color choices. I am thinking of getting better paints and brushes but for now I'm loving how to figure out and play with just the basics which I think a good idea. Like anything, it isn't the equipment or gear or supplies that produce good results, it's practice.

I've done a practice piece for three days now and I'm going to try and continue because it has been an encouraging exercise and fun. I've been sitting outside in the morning painting away because it is good to be outside (bonus) and the light is so good out there (I need a new prescription for my eye glasses, sigh).

I also discovered this account and found it inspiring.

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