11 July 2015

Weekend Links | Nº 4

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Going anywhere or doing anything exciting? I don't have any plans but I wouldn't mind if my weekend consisted of sitting on the beach all weekend long, under a shady tent of course! We had a girls day out at the beach this week that consisted of lunch, ice cream and dipping our feet in the ocean. It was rather overcast but nonetheless the ocean is always amazing. I have a rule that if we are there we must at very least get our feet in the sand and preferably dip them in the ocean. I have so many fond memories of summer days spent at the beach. When I am there I'm transported back to those precious teenage years and the long anticipation that was summer break. Just smelling the salt air and hearing the waves crash takes me back and it's all good.

I haven't shared a weekend link post in so long but here are some I saved but never shared. Enjoy!

• This birthday party. Gah! Handmade goodness to the max + the most adorable wee girl. And her blog is just filled with gorgeous photos all the time.

• Enjoying this series from Prêt à Voyager.  Her about page has the coolest diagram by state/country detailing her geographical whereabouts. Just so cool!

• This has been my go-to pasta sauce since 2008. It is so simple and so good. Try it. I promise you will like it.

• How is your grammar? Do you care about spelling and using vocabulary in the proper context. I do! This is a great help for the grammar fans out there. Go on, even if you say you aren't interested you know you are. 

I could live in here. Every photo is gorgeous + then some.  A visual feast for sure. I had heard about MilK but never checked them out. Thank you Holly of Decor8 for sharing their magazine.

xo, Collette

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