03 July 2015

Currently: Summer Infused Goings On

Growing basil, mint and three different types of tomatoes. Simple but so rewarding. There is something really rewarding and neat about growing, tending to and then consuming it. Amen.

Dreaming [planning] a future garden full of all sorts of veggies and flowers too.

Reading up on composting. Again, this is all in part due to my desire to grow a garden. It's all about the compost I hear.

Enjoying all the simple things that summer provides like more daylight, hot days that make me so appreciate air conditioning, more barbeques, church in the park and sitting outside talking until the sun goes down. Good stuff!

Consuming plenty of Arnold Palmers [homemade of course], iced coffee, La Croix sparkling waters and popsicles. All great things to beat the heat. Yes!

Planning and looking forward to a one-way cruise up the coast to Vancouver, BC where we'll stay on for a few nights in the city and take in some gorgeous sights, good food and all that I hear is so wonderful about Vancouver. Excited and thinking Christmas season will make it a little extra special.

Looking forward to 4th of July with my immediate family which means a barbeque + swimming + fireworks at dark. And some fun, sparkling, fruity & alcohol free drinks I've been concocting in my head. Simple. Simple is good in my book.

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