25 August 2015

Succulent Propagation Progress

I wrote about trying propagation and wanted to share a little update on how it's going. Here is the progress of several leaves I pulled and there are more. Every single one is growing and I'm enjoying watching them transform. I laid mine out on a tray (without the soil as suggested) because I didn't have any succulent soil on hand but they seem to be doing great so I just left them. Now I am going to lay some soil down because many are getting close to detaching from the leaf and I'm pretty sure they will need to take root. You can see how some leaves are just about shriveled and others are taking longer. So neat. Once I have them in the tray with soil I'll have to get some wee pots and figure out what I'm going to do with all these beauties. Time to start planning/pinning succulent ideas. I will share as I continue. Now to figure out what other succulents I can try propagating.

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