17 October 2014

Weekend Links | Nº 3 and Lucy

This dog. Oh this dog. I love her to bits. I really do. Every morning, after I have gotten out of bed, she manages to find her way up into my spot and take what I like to call her morning nap. And sometimes she brings a toy. This day she brought this very faded plastic squeaky toy, pink squeaker as I call it, from outside as a gift, an offering if you will. That's what dogs do. Or this dog anyway. And I love it!

Have a terrific weekend.

xo, Collette

• I love the idea of a tiny apartment.

• Oh this is good. Geometric wood flooring DIY. I am so smitten with this blog.

• I was so glad to see a proper ode to the baked potato or puh • tah • toh. This is the way they are meant to be prepared folks. Never, ever, I repeat never, ever microwave the classic potato please.

• I'm kind of gaga about These Girls/This Girl series. So good!

• Blue slouchy cords. Yes please! I need a pair for each day of the week thank you very much.

• One of my fave feeds on Instagram. These guys are genius and I want one of every item they sell, yes please.

Not a boring business story! It's fun, filled with her enthusiasm (which btw is contagious) and she has stuff to share that is helpful. Go read the series.

• And this birthday party. Gah! Handmade goodness to the max. And her blog is just filled with gorgeous photos all the time.

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