16 October 2014

Things I'm Looking Forward To This Fall

image via Martha Stewart

Finally, it is starting to feel *fall*like here in Southern California. Instead of it being 90º the day is only peaking in the low 80's. Crazy I know but folks it is So. Cal. I'm hopeful it will get cooler and we will see some rain and the leaves will change. At least the evenings have cooled down. Please Lord let there be rain, and soon!

Nothing says fall like apples. I am looking forward to some hot apple cider. The difference between cider and apple juice. So simple, right. Looking to make cider? Watch how simple it is here. I will definitely be making my own cider.  I am thinking a trip to the apple orchards at the base of our local mountains is in order. Hello all things delicious made with apples!

 image via Old Navy

I am definitely looking forward to being able to wear a cardigan and long sleeves. I'm not asking for much here so please get your act together So Cal and bring the cooler weather.

What are you enjoying/looking forward to during the Fall season? Do tell.

xo, Collette

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