20 July 2015

Weekend Links | Nº 5 - Flowers & Vegetables

Lately I've been really interested and fascinated with all things floral and garden. The whole idea of growing and cutting your own flowers or harvesting your own veggies is my love language. In part because I've got plans [a vision] for my front and backyard. One day I keep telling myself. It feels possible one day and overwhelming the next wondering if I will ever get there but I am determined. I know having a plan and chipping away at it little by little is how this will come to fruition. I've got plans to grow a lot more veggies (more than the current tomatoes and herbs) and landscape this home properly. I want a garden where there are flowers aplenty to cut and display inside and a 'just right' vegetable garden to eat from.

Here are a few things flower or garden related. My fave at this moment.

• These paper flower makers are to die for. Seriously! Tiffanieturner and the amazing feed of apetalunfolds.

• Recently started reading SouleMama again. Enjoying her food & garden posts. Simple, real and inspirational to read all about their growing farm life.

• I'm following these super simple instructions for my first attempt at propagating. Gorgeous and informative site. Their Instagram is a serious source of inspiration too!

• Hoping to plan a trip and make a visit to NY's High Line. Have you been? Such a wonderful vision and fantastic idea.

Enjoy your Sunday.

xo, Collette

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