28 October 2010

A Bright and Cheerful Summer Bag

I guess one could say I've been in the mood to sew of late and this is a good thing. I have stacks, and I mean stacks, of fabric and I'm determined to put it all to good use. This is the same pattern I posted about here but came out differently. The first one is less full because I continued the pleat all the way down. This one I didn't but I still ended up making the lining a little bit too big and I used a lining that is really too thick but works. I made the straps longer but also made a mistake there too, oops, but that's the beauty of handmade. Mistakes add character. It also looks better with the bottom flattened a bit, the way I propped it here in the photo. It's bright too and I really like this fabric even though it doesn't seem like what I'm normally attracted to. I wanted to gift it to someone but I'm thinking it might be the perfect carryall for summer because it's so cheerful and crazy with colour.

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Angela DiGiovanni said...

I <3 your bag! Oh, if I could sew, all the things I would make...

I saw your post on Boho Girl's blog... <3