16 June 2010

Sewing a Bag

Sshhh. . . . . don't tell anyone but I didn't do the top stitching on the very top of the bag or sew the lining closed yet but all in all I like the results. Mine looks slightly different compared to the tutorial photo because I modified mine a little made a mistake (seriously, who am I trying to kid?) Mine is more of a square shape because I kept the pleat together at the bottom which doesn't need to be done but works.

I made this bag from this free tutorial which I found via the lovely How About Orange. There is also this post with a great list of free sewing tutorials and this one with other sewing tutorials and if you want more sewing goodness just browse her sewing category. Jessica is really good at putting lists together of a bunch of great craft ideas and then sharing them via her blog.

Happy sewing!

1 comment:

shopgirl said...

Wow! What a great bag! I can't sew much of anything...despite taking sewing all through highgschool.