29 October 2010

My 'I Like' List

I wrote this for my 'about' page on my blog. The other day I read over it again and it made me happy. Might sound odd but there's something about seeing all the things you like in a list and written down. Can you relate? I like lists. It got me thinking again about making a 'life list' or rather an inspiration list. Chookoloonks wrote a really inspiring and helpful post about making the list and I highly recommend reading it. Highly. It's helpful and inspiring and I've started mine and will share it when I've completed it.

Here's my 'I like' list.
  1. the rain
  2. avocado
  3. a good cuddle
  4. a lie-in
  5. old-fashioned ice cream sodas(especially cherry-vanilla)
  6. snacks + appetizers + tapas type food (I'm a nibbler)
  7. the colours red and pink but not necessarily together
  8. climbing into a bed w/just washed linens
  9. potatoes mash w/gravy
  10. vintage signage
  11. depression glass
  12. my hometown
  13. a hot dog at a baseball game
  14. surprises
  15. family meals
  16. ginger beer
  17. violet crumble
  18. cheese & onion pasties
  19. travel ~ the feeling that happens at an airport
  20. walking into a house and smelling something delicious cooking
  21. home grown tomatoes
  22. wearing hats
  23. roller coasters
  24. typography
  25. handwriting
  26. handwritten letters + mail via the post
  27. dreaming
  28. a Scottish accent
  29. Mexican food
  30. curry
  31. my dog Lucy
  32. long talks w/dear friends
  33. laughing so hard it hurts
  34. paying attention to details
  35. taking my time
  36. learning a new craft
  37. the UK
  38. good cheese
  39. a good game of bingo (especially when I get to shout out "BINGO")
  40. a good sandwich
  41. live theatrical performances
  42. setting a table
  43. being prepared
  44. Cirque du Soleil
  45. looking at old family photos
  46. mentioning 4 or 5 things in the same sentence
  47. leisurely bike rides
  48. learning new languages
  49. salsa  
  50. and of course blogging
What's on your list and if you have one please share?

*I did not intentionally make the list 50. I only learnt it was 50 after selecting and making it a numbered list. Cool! I like that.

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