27 October 2010

The Pincushion

I wanted to share this lovely pin cushion I made a while back. Isn't it sweet? I thought so. I found this really easy tutorial here from Whipup and even made one for a friend at work, hers being a different fabric. Very cute I might add. And mine, well I was very happy with the outcome of this wee project. I watched the BBC production of Jane Eyre whilst stuffing (and let me tell you it requires a lot of stuffing to get it nice and firm) this pincushion and then hand stitching closed the opening. Oh what a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Watching Jane Eyre and working on a sewing project. Yep, it was lovely.

Here's Lucy lounging in the perfect sunlit spot when really she should be outside lounging in the backyard but she has a mumma who spoils her sometimes.

And she's almost out . . .  off to never never land to chase cats. Toys close by in case anyone gets any ideas about taking them.

Is she not the sweetest little picture of innocence lying there all cosy in the winter's sun?

When's she's not napping and protecting her toys she's up to mischief like chewing up pincushions her mumma was so proud to have made.

Little bugger! This isn't even an accurate photo of what really happened. No. There was white stuffing everywhere and the button was of course removed but I didn't get photographic evidence immediately because I was getting ready to leave for work when I discovered what little 'miss naughty' was up to. You see, a certain little dog sometimes likes to pout and act out when a certain owner has to leave.

Oh I wasn't happy but relieved she didn't decide to destroy the one I made as a gift. I'm thinking of patching it up. I tell myself it will add charm.  Dogs!


Anonymous said...

Awwww..... she just felt left out!!! Now you have to make Lucy a leather one :)


hoopty doopty said...

She'd destroy the leather too! :)