18 September 2014

The Week Past

Project Life of course + just having fun with little sentiments like this.

In-N-Out happened. Yes, it did!

As did an Angels game with friends. Thank You Nic for a fun evening. I loved it!
(Can't stop giggling at the unintentional 'photo bomber'. Priceless!)

We loved our seats. We were a bit skeptical at first about it feeling like we were so far away + that we'd be sitting in the sun. We've been having a heat wave here in So. Cal. The sun was perfectly placed behind the opposite side of the stadium making our seats shaded. Hoorah! Our view was great. Double hoorah!

The fireworks were just behind us. The stadium lights went out. Loved how that felt.  I like how the photo captured the people turned around looking up. And there's something a bit magical that happens at a live baseball game. It is one of America's favourite past times after all.

 I celebrated another birthday. I am so incredibly blessed. Surrounded by family + friends. I am grateful to be so loved. And it included spumoni!

A good time was had by all.

xo, Collette

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