05 October 2014

Weekend Links | Nº 1

The sky was so beautiful this morning and the sun, well the sun was so hot. We're having some rather warm weather here in So. Cal to put it mildly. Autumn where are you? Because the sky was so clear with what felt like painted whisps of clouds floating above, somehow, just somehow it made the heat that much more tolerable. Not tolerable enough for me to move out from underneath the canopy my brother had put up as we watched my nephew's soccer game though. (and let me say that this shot was snapped right from my seat because even standing in it long enough to capture a photo is sometimes too much for me). If not for that shade I would have been hiding out all the way across the field near the 'snack shack' looking for some form of cover from this heat.

I always appreciate links from some of my favorite blogs. Here are some that I wanted to share:

• Gorgeous gift tags + gift wrap available here. For free to boot!

Packing tape post cards. Super idea and who wouldn't have a smile on their face receiving one of these in the post?

• Are you a goal setter, life-lister or perhaps a perfectionist? I still think of this post often. It's just so good.

• I don't know if the whole ombre trend is on it's way out or still trending but I don't care. I still like this cabinet heaps!

• If I had the gumption to paint the wood trim in my 1904 house I would so do this! And the DIY fixture in there. Ah H E L L O to die for.

• The coolest ring like ever! Serious creativeness happening here. I want one.

Unbroken. Have you read it? I must read this!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
xo, Collette

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