17 September 2014

Project Life | Week 3

I'm going to repeat myself here. Forgive me. I can't help but laugh at how I am posting week 3 of Project Life when we're in the middle of September already, but it is all good. After February it's monthly layouts for April - August so I won't be that behind . . . as far as posting here and sharing goes. Good golly. Moving along.

I like to write. Hand write that is. Both cursive and printing. I always have. Many photos that I feel need some text I'm ok with just keeping it simple and using a pen to add what I want. (In saying that, I've also been slow to do more digital work and use PSE more.)

I didn't mean to go orange with this but because two of those photos really had strong orange hues I found myself drawn in and continuing that theme. I like the fact that I can look at what I'm working on and see what I have chosen to do, whether it be intentional or not. This whole process is such a learning curve, it that makes sense to anyone?

• Week 3 4x6 card cut from Seafoam Edition paper + sticker and pen
• That old photo from the 70's of me and my mum is a snap I took with my iPhone of the original. I wouldn't dare write on that.
• The 'Just Be' - again Seafoam paper pack + stickers
• An accidental photo I liked for no particular reason.
• A quote from Julia Child printed + hand written on Seafoam paper pack.
• Paper from 'Take Note' Studio Calico paper pad - An oldie I'm guessing as I picked this up at a Tuesday Morning shop for cheap. I love my discount finds!
• A new bed I bought (assembled with my dad's help) from IKEA. I was a bit skeptical about quality, I admit, but it has turned out to be a great bed. I think I may add some text to that photo.
• 3x4 card cut from Seafoam paper pack.
• A glimpse of my small work area at night.

• A verse of scripture. Revelation 11:17
• Pot Roast my dad made in an old pot that was my grandmother's. It's been around for a looong time that pot.
• My Lucy. I love this dog soo much. She's a character for sure. Stickers from I can't remember where?
• 'Don't Worry Everything Is Going To Be Okay' 3x4 card from Me & My Big Ideas.
• Seafoam paper pack with plastic letters I adhered. 
• More Seafoam paper with some journaling on it.
• A birthday cake made from Ube - a popular root used in many Asian desserts. This one from a Filipino bakery for a bible study gathering we had.

I really enjoy doing Project Life!
xo, Collette

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