02 September 2014

Project Life | Week Two

Here it is. Week two of Project Life. I'm getting there. What I'm finding about documenting this is my frustration that I only have my iPhone to document and photograph the project to share. It's not the best for taking the whole layout shot but I'm not going to let that discourage me. Moving along.

Because I'm playing catch-up I realised that after coming back to complete this I hadn't documented much with words and hadn't taken many photos. I just told myself, "It is what it is." Hence the quote on the page. It's life and this is what you are documenting. Sometimes exciting and filled with interesting adventures or happenings and sometimes, well . . .  not so much. And to be honest it wasn't the best of weeks for me during this time and that's ok. My goal is to do this and enjoy it and not be so critical about how it all unfolds. It is a creative outlet so it's really easy for me to look over it and then start to critique every detail WAY too much.

Second page of layout included a palm tree photo because c'mon folks it is southern California after all, a quote that I found very profound (I like finding quotes that inspire and move me - like, like, like!), a second quote, a couple of cards from an extras pack from Project Life (sorry don't remember what it's called but I picked it up at Michael's) - the chevron and ampersand cards are from that pack, a movie ticket receipt and some written words and a fun photo of the infamous Miguel's Jr.

I'm really loving this process. I think I'm going to also add these blog posts into the album as part of the documentation. At least the words as I'm finding writing about it is part of telling the whole story.

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