22 August 2014

Project Life | Organizing August

So it's August, nearly the end of August, and I'm way behind with Project Life but that's ok. Rather than not post, and in an effort to get back to this thing called blogging, I decided to share some progress for August. This is me getting things in place. Just choosing the things I want to document. Not finished, in progress. Thank goodness for digital photography and the details it records. Sure helps keep my photos organized, as does iPhoto. I've also been doing a good clean-up of my photos in iPhoto to help keep things organized and man that feels good. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to share and write about my Project Life album but I figured if I just do it things will start to flow. I'm giving myself freedom and grace to explore this however that looks for me. I decided to do monthly spreads to catch up instead of scrapping (no pun intended, honest) the entire project. I've got a lot to share and that's exciting and fun for me.

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