03 August 2014

The Sunkist Exchange

Day 2 of August Break.
I took an early morning walk with iPhone in hand and canine as well. Downtown we went. I am always inspired by my local downtown. On the lookout for pattern, I shot three subjects. This was my fave. This is a fabulous little historical nugget called the Sunkist building owned by a neat man named Tom Porter who I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few years back. Ever since, I have been dreaming of having a soirée in this place. No kidding. Seriously, the interior is to.die.for. I didn't find find that Mr. Porter has a website for his location which surprises me as it plays host as a fine arts gallery. Hhmmhh . . . . ? I need to stop in and say hello to Mr. Porter soon and see about that soirée. You can read a little more of an overview about Old Town Orange here.

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