23 August 2014

Project Life | My Title Page 2014

Here we go! My title page for Project Life®.  FINALLY. Yeah I know it's August folks but hey who's keeping track, right?

A Few Things:  I purchased a variety pack of pages from Amazon (not official Project Life® pages) a couple years back when I had the idea to start Project Life®. I thought the variety of layout pages would be best but I didn't find that the case. Not for me anyway. If you're doing weekly pages I think it's easier to stick to a single format. Just my opinion. I find it easier to get in a routine and you're not fumbling around each week with different photo sizes and or inserts, not to mention all of the great products + kits that are made for Project Life are made in the standard 4 x 6 and 3 x 4 sizes. Now, since I'm mixing things up I fell behind I do think it easier to manage the variety layouts if you are doing monthly spreads. Again just my opinion + experience.

For my title page this particular layout has a 4 x 12 insert at top. Now, because I don't have a large scale printer and my designerly skills with PhotoShop Elements are in progress and for the sake of keeping it simple and keeping my sanity and making this fun and completing this project without feeling less than and inadequate because I'm not a professional scrapper (not yet!), I'm figuring stuff out, learning A LOT as I go along and have a strong desire to learn so much more. Mostly, develop my technical skills with photography and digital editing, etc. I find all of it so interesting and fun and yes frustrating at times too. The goal: have fun, share it, jump in and enjoy the process. And give grace when needed. It's ok to fall behind. It's ok to share it even if it is, oh . . .  say 9 months later [grinning here].

From top to bottom, left to right:
• Instagram photo with text from ABMapp
• 'Selfie' Instagram adhered to have edges as to fit the 4 x 8 space, doodled chevron edges freehand with a sharpie
• Project Life® 3 x 4 pack (can't remember which one?) with a silver letter C sticker from Martha Stewart (if memory serves me)
• 'You Can Never Have Too Much Happy' 3 x 4 card from Me&My Big Ideas
• Freehand insert I made with some silver glitter paper, a packing tag, and some glitter letters. I'm all about the gold and silver this year. Who would have thought?
• My dog Lucy adorned with a glitter star and dots I did with a pencil eraser end + gold ink directly on to the photo
• My OLW for 2014: Proclaim. I haven't participated in an official class for this that Ali Edwards offers but I did choose a word. It also happens to be the word my church chose for 2014. Stickers: Can't remember. Writing on card: my own.

* All photos on my iPhone5. I have an old Canon 6.0 megapixels point and shoot, yikes. I don't own a DSLR camera but it is something I really hope to have in the near future.

Hope this is helpful in some way shape or form to someone.
I really enjoy Project Life and memory keeping. 

xo, Collette

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