25 October 2010

A Journal

Hi! Oh my goodness. Sorry for the great big gap in posting. I always have good intentions of posting regularly(and plenty to talk about) but I get side tracked. Really side tracked obviously. I'll get there. One day! Anyway, I'm really excited to share something I'm working on. I found a link for Remains of The Day by Mary Ann Moss on Ali Edwards and when I watched Mary Ann's sneak peek video of what the class was about I was sold. Watch the video and see for yourself. She's so clever and I totally love her approach. So here's a bit of what I've started.

Outside cover of my scrappy/messy journal.

Inside cover.

Polka dot fold over flap to protect edges of pages. The fabric I used here is slightly flawed but again that's the point as it adds character.

Front of journal folded.

The pages I've assembled so far.

I can't tell you how much fun this is. And yes there are lumpy bits and mistakes and whatnot but that's the whole point. It's not meant to be perfect which is a great exercise for me. I just gathered a stash of materials I already had and got busy creating. I loved sewing guerilla style as Mary Ann calls it. I still have more pages to create and then bind it all together. I like how it has evolved. So much fun.

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