25 June 2010

Around the house lately

I'm trying to make it more of a habit to have my camera on hand and take more photos. I like the idea of simply documenting life as it happens. The ordinary and the routine. It's interesting to examine those two in more detail sometimes. I want to try and add a little bit of that element here.

It's been cooler and we've had some rain which means dampness and green moss. Seeing this in between the pavers of the driveway makes me smile. I simply love the beauty that a rainy climate brings. It's not like walking though the English countryside but I appreciate the little bits we get here and there.

There's something about a stack of clean, folded washing that makes me feel happy too. And I'm guessing it wouldn't be an understatement to say I like the colour red.

Warm drinks are a plenty now too. I've been warming myself up with tea and hot chocolate.

She thinks this sill was designed especially for her as a head rest. She waits in hope of some excitement out there. (I hate those silly vertical blinds)

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shopgirl said...

Awesome shot of the sidewalk!