26 January 2010

Mr. Oliver

I love me some Jamie Oliver. I do! When I saw he had a magazine, and yeah I know everyone has a magazine now ~ whatever. I couldn't resist picking it up. And well, ahem look at the title, "The American Food Issue". That certainly caught my eye. I vaguely remember hearing something somewhere about Mr. Oliver doing an American road adventure, similar to his Italian version of which I also loved, by the way. And might I add, you are looking mighty lovely sporting that cowboy hat Mr. Oliver. Yee haw!
What I really, really (really folks, seriously) love is the following:
“It was a hell of a journey and I discovered fantastic food, lovely people and exciting cultures along the way. I think the end result proves that there’s much more to American food than junk and big portions.”
America really takes a beating at times when it comes to food, and quite frankly I’m tired of hearing it! Yep, that’s right this Yankee knows the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying the junk exists (and let me be the first to say there is a time for it and you can best bet I’ll be eating a hot dog at the next baseball game I see in America, yes I will) but it is not the mainstay for all Americans. It is such a generalisation and to read those words in print was music to my ears. There is much more to American food than junk and big portions. Amen!


michelle | bleeding espresso said...

Bravo Jamie! Thanks for sharing this :)

meredith said...

A good reminder that we can find good food in the states.