28 January 2010

a wee pouch

So I finally got my sewing machine out from hibernation and did a wee project. Why is it that I waited so long? Oh yes, I know why. The perfectionist in me wanted to have everything else sorted out before I actually believed I could sit down and enjoy doing something I really, truly like. Gah! What an idiot I am for always falling for that. My mother always told me there is never a "perfect" time for anything. And she was right! Always is. So out the machine came and I plopped it on the table, shoving the other things aside and dug right in. Now, it's not as if I did a massive, intricate project but still, you need to have some sort of order when sewing.

Things to remember when sewing:

• Be prepared. It's like sitting an exam; much easier to tackle when prepared.
• Kitchen scissors are not meant for cutting fabric but they will snip threads. (Couldn't even find my good pair)
• Swearing at the machine, even if it is under your breath, does not make things any better.
• It's a good idea to have your manual handy, just in case. I couldn't find mine amongst the mess.
• Dogs can mistake fabric scraps for crumbs.
• I can really see what I'm doing with my glasses on.
• Cheap thread is not a good idea. Ever!
• Remembering to switch modes from embroidery back to standard is helpful when you are going to top stitch.
• 2 broken needles ain't bad. Is it?
• It also helps to have the proper foot on.
• Sewing is fun even when it's past your bedtime and you can no longer see straight.

I made this little pouch with some scrap canvas I had with this tutorial from U handbag only minus the d-ring because I forgot about it whilst joining the sides together. oops! Next time. I love wee pouches for odds-n-ends, etc. and can never have too many.

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