05 May 2007

love: via the post

Last week found me exhausted and sleep deprived, and I longed to be home and fall into my own bed. I finally made it home, only to be pleasantly greeted with a parcel waiting for me that had come all the way from New Zealand. Yippee!

"What", you ask, was in this parcel? Well allow me to share. Inside was a handcrafted, turquoise blue journal, a lovely note card including a heartwarming message, a cd (made for "moi") and a delicate heart ornament.


I love the idea that the purchase of this journal benefits those less fortunate. Visit Trade Aid and check it out for your self.

I love my journal and it will be put to much needed use. I hope to share pieces of it in future posts.
The heart ornament is already adorning a special place. It's hanging over a family photo that is a very special photo in this house.
The cd is perfect. I've listened to it several times, enjoying it more each time and becoming familiar with each song. It's so appropriate.

note card, Trade Aid pamphlet & cd

The note card reads as follows:
Here are some goodies for you. I really hope you enjoy them!
*I chose the journal because of who made it & how (and to give them my support)
*The heart is to remind you to always look for love in this world.
*The cd is 100% New Zealand for you to enjoy listening to as you write in your journal.

love and laughter, Leonie xx

heart ornament

This journal swap started here. As it turned out, the person who was given my name went missing in action and I was never able to connect with her. I did try, and naturally, I was disappointed but still it wasn't a complete loss, as I had made a connection with Jone. You can see the journal I passed to her here. Jone is a talented writer of poetry, and she's a librarian. Librarians are very interesting people who I find to have a wealth of knowledge.

Fortunately, the lovely Melba of CaC passed my name to Leonie who heard my giver went MIA and she wanted to send me "goodies". Leonie will soon be busy with travel so she declined any "goodies" from me. (I want so badly to send her something lovely so I will wait.)

In a way, I am grateful my giver went MIA because if she hadn't I wouldn't have received the lovely items I did and have the opportunity to connect with Leonie.

Leonie, thank you, thank you. I am touched by your sincerity, thoughtfulness and kindness. We love by our actions, not our words. I see LOVE all around and I promise to always look for love in this world.

Love Thursday, even if it is a Friday.



Louise said...

Ahhh that is SO great!! A parcel in the mail would already be a huge treat nevermind whats inside...LOL!! Beautiful journal!! Have fun writing!

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

Wasn't the journal swap FUN? I love swaps and love getting and sending goodies in the mail. Such a wonderful thing to open the box to!

Your journal is very special and the heart ornament too. It is beautiful!

So glad you were able to make a connection with Leonie. What a blessing!

Have a lovely week! Glad to have found your blog today. :)

Jone said...

How very cool. I am so glad that someone sent you a journal AND other goodies. Thanks for the shout out. Love your new banner.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I don't get the hummer thing either. bizarre!!

Love your journal - and how nice that it serves an alternate purpose, too!