03 May 2007

99 things about "moi"

*The infamous 100 things . . .
but I only did
99 because I wanted to be different!

1) I don’t drink coffee, just espresso. Never picked up the habit! I know I’m the odd girl out on this one, but I never developed a taste for it. I do love the smell of a coffee shop. Yummy.
2) I love dogs. I mean “really” love ‘em. They really can do no wrong in my book.
3) I have a close relationship with my parents. I adore them and I am grateful for them. I can’t imagine going through life not being close with them.
4) I don’t like mushrooms. Never have. Never will!
5) I love sport. Soccer is my first love. I enjoy competing as well as spectating. No, I’m not on a team now. There are woman’s teams . . . . . . . no laughing I could still join!
6) I went to university, and even graduated! Uni isn’t for everyone but it was for me and I am grateful for the experience.
7) I am a slow eater. I can be quick if I must. I have my grandfather to thank for that. He drilled it into my head growing up. It always draws a comment of some sort. Many of my friends like to remind me, as if I didn’t know. It’s better to eat slow anyway, so hah!
8) I’ve also been told I eat methodically. OK? I guess because I keep it neat on the plate, no not intentionally, and don’t mush everything about I’m methodical? I’m not bothered if different foods touch each other. (No, I’m not one of those people!) I just pay special attention to my food, it tastes better that way.
9) I am not a picky eater. I will try just about anything, for the most part, but still say “no” to the mushroom.
10) I enjoy travel. When I think of all the amazing places I have seen I realise there are far more I have not seen. There are still so many destinations I hope to enjoy.
11) I currently work as a flight attendant, and have done so for the last 13 years. It has been a great job and I will miss it, no doubt, when I’m finished.
12) I love book stores. I can spend hours in them, but I don’t think I am alone with this sentiment.
13) I am not a fan of the fast food but have to admit, reluctantly, I have out of pure laziness eaten it which is pathetic at best!
14) I have never worn fake nails. I never intend to. I like my own. Thanks mom for the strong nails.
15) I was stung by a bee once. A friend went to swat it away and sent it right at me, landing on my lip where it decided to sting me. It hurt and yes it swelled.
16) I learned to drive on a manual. A 1971 Volkswagon Beetle. Yep, passed my driver's test in it too! I have friends who find this amazing? Doesn't everyone know how to drive "stick"? That was what we had so I didn't have a choice. My mom taught me and we still have a few laughs about it.
17) I love learning foreign languages. They fascinate me. I think everyone should learn at least one other language besides their native tongue.
18) “I’m working on that!” is my new adopted phrase and you will hear me refer to it often. I didn’t plan it, I just caught myself saying it, A LOT.
19) I love crafting , designing or just being creative.
20) I have a lot of things that interest me, sometimes making it difficult for me to stay focused.
21) I like to talk, a lot sometimes. Other times, I enjoy being quiet, sitting back and observing life around me.
22) I enjoy my alone time and treasure it.
23) I have never sky dived. I would like to. It’s not a burning desire, but I’d like to try it. The feeling of free falling thrills me.
24) I love candles.(How unoriginal but I do) Especially the nice, warm scented ones that smell up the place.
25) I enjoy working in the garden. I like to get my hands dirty. It’s another place to create a lovely space. I can just enjoy and marvel at the beautiful surroundings around me.
26) I love to cook. I don’t do it as much as I should. I’m working on that!
27) I love to enjoy food, every morsel yes indeed! I enjoy all the tastes. I don't know if I can say I have one favourite. I can't! I like variety and besides I'm indecisive. A few faves are: Thai, Indian, Mexican and Lebanese. Then there's Italian, French, Middle Eastern, Chinese and the good ol' Cheeseburger and Chips. See I told you I couldn't choose one.
28) I love city life but appreciate space and peace and I feel more connected when I am away from things. Ideally, I like to be far enough away with space but close enough to “convenience” when I need it.
29) I LOVE the internet. It’s fascinating, and down right convenient. I am all about convenience, well most of the time.
30) I love the rain. I love the smell and the overall feeling that it brings.
31) I really enjoy a good read. I tend to go in spurts with reading and I have a stack of books I want to tackle.
32) I enjoy going to the movies but find that I am more particular, these days, with finding something acceptable.
33) I do NOT like the heat. Especially extreme heat, makes me miserable.
34) I don’t like humidity either but can tolerate it if necessary.
35) I don’t smoke.
36) I have some ADD characteristics. Please tell me everyone does, or I’m going to be really disappointed.
37) I love and appreciate my friends.
38) I once awoke in the middle of the night with a cockroach crawling across my face, yep that’s right cockroach! I’m sick thinking about it, urghh.....!
39) If a dish is served with a sauce, I usually want extra of that sauce. I think I enjoy the flavor of the sauce more than the actual food itself, sometimes.
40) I’m tall. 5’9” I wouldn’t mind being a bit taller, say another inch.
41) I really love performing arts. The Theatre, The Ballet, The Opera, to name a few. Anything musical is great.
42) I love decorating for Christmas and thoroughly enjoy all the festivities. Jesus is the reason for the season and I embrace that.
43) I prefer to live near the ocean, or at least a decent driving distance from it.
44) I am not a fan of the desert, hence #33, in particular, but it does have it’s beauty and I can appreciate that.
45) I do love green rolling hills, sheep out to pasture, heavy drizzle falling, smoke billowing from chimneys and long winding roads. That’s my ideal countryside.
46) I love the smell of a home cooked meal seeping through the entire house.
47) I adore the the sight of a dog curled up and comfy inside his master’s home.
48) I do not sunbathe. I love the outdoors but can do without the damaging effects of the sun.
49) I love to wear hats, all sorts. Hats have personality and they are fun. I do not wear them as often as I would like. Should I be working on that? LOL
50) When I was 11 years old I bought myself a brand new, red, 5-speed, Schwinn Beach Cruiser for $225.00. (I still own her. She needs a bit of a clean-up) I saved every penny myself. I was entering middle school, which was a further walk, so I needed wheels. I was so proud of that accomplishment, and still am. Learning the importance of saving money and learning to use it wisely is......... well, priceless (no pun intended!).
51) I have lived in four countries. (USA, UK, Germany and Australia)
52) Please and thank you are a regular part of my vocabulary. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were for everyone?
53) I love music. All sorts, really.
54) Greece is, probably, my favorite destination. (It is hard to narrow it down to one)The cuisine is heaven. (Again, another “thing” about food) Everything else is lovely too.
55) I admire people who follow their hearts. The person who says “I can” and let’s no obstacle stand in their way. The person who sees the positive, not the negative and makes good with the circumstances at hand. To all of you, I salute you!
56) My favorite drink is fresh orange. Mmhh yummy!
57) Packing a suitcase is an organised sort of science for me. Packing efficiently and effectively takes a lot of practice. Perhaps my job has had something to do with that?
58) I have never had a moving violation. (a ticket) I don’t drive like a granny, either, I’ve just been extremely lucky.
59) Broken a bone? Nope, none here.
60) Stitches? Yes, 26 to be exact. All in my face at the tender age of 22 months old. Grandparent’s dog. So sad really. My mom said she was in horror when she saw my face. Hey I turned out ok. Doc stitched me up and the scar healed really well. It never made me afraid of dogs. Thank goodness for that.
61) I do not like really strong winds. We have The Santa Ana’s where I am from and they are awful. They are high speed and hot. Makes a mess of everything.
62) I use a mac, not a PC. If it takes 5 steps on a PC it takes 1 on a mac. Just a fact and the main reason, ok well there are others, why I stay loyal to the mac.
63) I can be stubborn, sometimes. Ok maybe a little bit more than sometimes?
64) I like a challenge.
65) I don’t drink diet drinks, nor do I use artificial sweetener. YUCK!
66) I won’t consume, knowingly, anything with artificial sweetener.
67) Guilty pleasures of choice . . . . . . . Coca Cola and crisps, on occasion.
68) Men with long fingernails? Need I say anything more? Gross!
69) I don’t own a microwave. Never was a big fan but after I learned what microwave does to food, and it isn’t good, it was an easy choice to get rid of it.
70) When I was in primary school a boy punched me right square in the face and gave me a fat lip. All because I told him “Girls can do things just as good as boys.” Guess he didn’t agree.
71) I miss my dogs. Kaschmir and Newton. Oh, I really miss them. *sigh....*
72) When I lived in Germany I had the wonderful opportunity of attending The 1992 Winter Olympics In Albertville, France. What a wonderful week filled with loads of skiing and watching the amazing athletes compete. It was incredible and I want to experience The Olympics again.
73) I have no desire to scuba dive, even though people tell me it is amazing and I’d change my mind if I tried. No thanks! I’m stubborn.
74) When I do something, anything, I do it with love and commitment. Incomplete projects, of any sort, really nag at me and bring me down.
75) I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.
76) I have some insecurities. I hate to admit that, but it’s the truth. I don’t need to list them, trust me they exist.
77) I played violin when I was younger. I still have it and want to pick it up again but I need a teacher.
78) I also want to learn to play the piano. My grandmother played and so did my mom. I learned a little but not properly. I have a desire to do that.
79) My mother raised me as a single parent. I never had a relationship with my natural father. His choice. My mom remarried when I was 21 and that is who I call dad. I love you mom and dad.
80) I enjoy making connections with people. I am interested in other people, their passions, their talents and the beauty I soak up from knowing such people.
81) I talk in a funny, “cutesie” voice to my pets, when I am alone. Go ahead and laugh, I know it’s down right silly.
82) I use two towels after I shower. One for my hair and the other for the body. I don’t need a new towel each time I shower. I use the same ones until I decide they are ready for the laundry. I know people who must have a fresh towel each time. Why? I always thought I was clean after I showered, and besides I do the laundry!
83) I’m a native Southern Californian, which apparently is a rarity these days? I guess we are becoming fewer and fewer?
84) With that said; No I don’t drive a convertible, have blond hair or talk like a valley girl. I don’t live under the “Hollywood” sign and there’s been no nipping, tucking, poking, prodding, lifting, injecting, enhancing, sucking or any other “ing” done here.
85) I feel cautious about sharing anything too personal in here. I am a private person in that respect.
86) I don’t like to be in a rush. I take time to enjoy my friends and I cannot be bothered hurrying through a meal, especially out to eat. Why bother?
87) Which brings me to the next point. I enjoy the company I am with when I am socialising with friends. I cannot understand people who can’t unglue the mobile from their ear or have got 20 other places to be.
88) I wouldn’t say I had one favourite colour, but I tend to gravitate toward red. I like pink too.
89) My passport is filled with entry/exit stamps from Japan. I use to do a lot of travel their for work, and they stamp each entry and each departure. I had to get extra pages in my passport because of that. I spent so much tome there I got bored, now I miss it and want to go back. Typical!
90) I’m feeling a bit opinionated making all these “I” statements. I do feel strongly about my beliefs but I don’t force them on anyone else, I like to tend my own garden, thanks very much.
91) If I had excessive money I would have an on-call, personal masseuse at my disposal. That’s luxury for me.
92) I don’t like to have dirty or sticky hands. OK I don’t have OCD; I just like to have clean hands.
93) I don’t have a proper name for my blog yet, although I just changed it and I think it’s the one. Yeah, I’m working on that.
94) I think about food a lot as I mentioned in #’s 4, 7, 8, 9, 13, 26, 27, 39, 46, 54, 66, 67 and 86. If I missed any, let me know.
95) I thought I wanted to be a surgeon when I entered university. I changed my mind my junior year.
96) If I am feeling just ok, I want to be able to say that. I had a boss that was a phony. One day someone asked me how I was and I said “I’m ok, thanks.” My phony boss, interjected and said “she’s great!” I wanted to vomit right there on the floor. I can answer for myself, ty very much, and I’m not going to “sugarcoat” things so everything appears wonderful, and phony. It wasn’t like I stood there and played the poor me, life is so miserable and gave off a bunch of negative energy; I simply responded honestly. I like honesty and genuineness.
97) I’m thirty-nine. Is that even relevant, or important?
98) I cannot sleep with the top sheet on the bed all tucked in. It feels like I’m in an envelope, not that I would really know what that feels like. If I’m in a hotel, first thing I do is un-tuck all of the bedding. I’ve tried to keep it tucked in and it drives me bonkers.
99) I am obsessed, at the moment, with web design. I am not stating I know much (ok I know close to zilch) but I am on a mission. I want to learn about graphic arts and all the mediums so I can have a good looking bloggie. I want to do it myself too. "I'm working on that."


Waspgoddess said...

This was great. I love these memes they say so much about a person. And we are really similar in a lot of ways, yet strangely opposites in others...

I don't like the heat either. Would never sun bathe, prefer the book under a parasol over the beach... but how will you cope with Oz?

I love hats, but I have such a big head I have yet to find one that fits. Come to think of it, I should become a hat designer.

I too detest artificial flavouring and would never knowingly buy/consume anything containing it. I always feel a surge of disappointment when I see a friend/acquaintance drinking diet coke.

I used to play the cello, if we both got practicing we could play together, what do you say..?

Oh, and I so agree with the tucked-in blanket thing. Never... it drives me crazy.

Erin said...

That was great. I'm going to have to sit down and compose something like that. That must have taken some time to put that all into words. I like getting to know my blogging friends better. Have a great day!!

all over the map said...

Erin - I started doing it a while ago and kept adding. It was thought provoking for me in many areas. Now that I am in that mode I feel like I can add more, but I'll wait on that.
You have a 101 list in 1001 days. I need to go back and read it. I think it's a good idea; another list I could do because I like to put things down.

Waspgoddess - I like mêmes (not all) also. I think we want to know about the blogger, it's only natural. Agree, similar, and opposite in otheres . . . one main one comes to mind and I'm guessing it was the main one for you too?
Heat - urghh! I just don't enjoy the extreme heat. I love the cooler, rainy weather.
I think my head is sort of bigger too.
I cringe when passengers request "diet" for their children. Even small children ask for "diet" because mum and dad drink it. Let's start a campaign, LOL. My parents use it, ach don't get me started!
I'm in on the music and I'm going to need A LOT of practice.
It's seriously one of the rituals in "my getting settled routine" after checking in.

Bearette24 said...

Hi! Visiting from waspgoddess. I relate to a lot of these. I was surprised to see you were from California because the "uni" sounded very UK to me...then I saw the places where you had lived!

[a} said...

Hi. ~THANKS SO MUCH~ for the nice & v. wise comment on my blog!! It helped me out so much!

[I don't like mushrooms either. & I love bookstores too! & I've always talked to my pets!!!

...you must be so glam & superhuman to be a flight attendant--that's always been my impression of them]


all over the map said...

Bearette - ty for stopping by and welcome. Yes, 'tis a bit of a twist at times. I also prefer mum but for some odd reason I have forced myself to write mom in the blog? I'm also the only "yankee" in my nuclear family.

[a}- You are so very welcome and you have some very talented and wise bloggers sharing their insight.
Mushrooms - YUCK! lol
"Where did the glamour go?" That is what we say amongst each other at work so it's very funny you used glamourous. *giggles* I think it does somehow portray that to many, and a long time ago it was considered such, but times have changed. I do take pride in myself and enjoy wearing a proper uniform, perhaps to keep a "glamourous" feeling. (Today I feel as far away from glamorous as I can get) I do love my work.

paris parfait said...

This is so interesting to read all these things about you - we have lots in common. I don't sunbathe, either - even if a tan does look "healthier," - it's an optical illusion; it's not healthier. :)

all over the map said...

Paris - What else do we have in common? Please do tell! hee hee
I don't even like the fake tan look. I simply do not get it? I guess if you barely saw the sun it would be appealing.

Nadine said...

That was a fun list to read. We have lots in common...I love the arts - ballet, etc. and the one about a personal masseuse would be at the top of my list.

Louise said...

Great read!!!
A lot of similarities...I love alontime, I totally agree on the scubadiving thing and the sheet tucked in thing....ah the list could go on..maybe I should make one too...could I think of 100 things?
I really enjoyed that one, great to get a glimpse into someone elses life!
Have a GREAT weekend!!

all over the map said...

Louise - Yes, yes do a list. For me, it was good exercise and got me thinking about so much more. I didn't do it in one sitting, I started and kept adding, and editing and before you know it, voilà. I could do another 100 now. :)
I'm glad if it allows people to have a little more insight about "a few things that make me tick"!
Tight sheets drive me cookoo!

tongue in cheek said...

99 that delightful
a perfect way to start, by being different and knowing it is good.