04 April 2007

swap a journal and make a connection

Here’s the scoop. Sognatrice did a meme, which I believe she did after being tagged by Vanessa. Sognatrice didn’t tag anyone but invited all to play along. Cherrye joined in and I read hers. I also saw it over at Erin’s place.

I thought about it, pondered the idea for a moment, and considered doing it but kept getting distracted. I like (ok love) these memes but being the official procrastinator that I am, and having a full plate, I waited.

I read that the meme came from Create a Connection, aka CaC, and I got curious. I hopped on over for a visit which seems to be my new favorite thing to do. Well, it is awesome and I was inspired, yet again. Not a surprise I know. I’m just soaking up the inspiration these days, and I can’t seem to get enough.

Create a Connection is doing a journal swap and I’m going to join in. Won’t you join me? Come on, now! It’s a great idea. Here’s the lowdown: You sign up, your name is given to someone, they send you a journal, and you also get someone’s name to pass a journal to and you connect with two different people. Check it out here. You know you want to!

I will be posting about my “journal swap” when it get’s underway.

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Vanessa said...

thanks for dropping by and wishing sam well.
i love CaC too!