05 April 2007

self-portrait challenge • body parts (1)

Here it is. My first attempt at self-portrait challenge. This month the challenge is body parts.

I know virtually nothing about photography (and I'm guessing judging by the photo that's obvious) but I'm willing to experiment and have some fun. I would love to know more about photography.

This photo seems appropriate as I had an eye issue this last week. I woke up one morning to a swollen, half closed eye. Then it proceeded to swell up into my cheek. Lovely! It lasted a week. I've seen the opthomologist and I'm all better now. Turns out I had an allergy, only we don't know to what? Should have snapped a photo of that, perhaps it would have made a more interesting subject?


A. B. Chairiet said...

Pretty green eye. :)

I love David Gray too...(read your profile)

Best of luck with SPC.

Good Friday!
~ Ash

Erin said...

That's a great picture! I'm inspired to do my own self portrait. hmmm...

by the way, I hope it's okay, I'm adding you to my blogroll, since I stop by all the time anyway. : )

all over the map said...

Thank you.
Get the camera out, it's all about having some fun, being a little creative, or attempting to.
If you add me to your blogroll it will be my first link, hee hee. I would be HONORED.
I'm trying not to be too intimidated but if you look at all the people who participate in the photo challenges, whew they are hugely creative and talented!

all over the map said...

Thank you a.b. and thanks for stopping by. DG - love the music to bits.

Louise said...

Great Pic!
I love taking pictures, am I good at it?? No...does it stop me??? no....LOL
Great idea, great challenge!!