02 April 2007


It's the 4th month of the year.
It's one of 4 months with 30 days.
It begins with "A" along with August.
The name is derived from the Latin
April's flower is the Sweet Pea,
Lathyrus Odoratus which means: Thinking Of You.
The Daisy,
Bellis Perennis is also April's flower.
April's birthstone is the diamond.
April in the northern hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to October in the southern hemisphere.
April begins on the same day of the week as July every year, and as January in leap years.

April makes me think of:

April Fools
Easter Bonnets
Spring Break
Longer Days
Spring flowers beginning to bloom
Sunny Days
"April showers bring May flowers"
My grandmother's birthday

What does April make you think of?

(thanks Sognatrice, she gave me the inspiration)


Waspgoddess said...

April to me is melting snow, exposing gravel crunching under my feet; when I was a child: pearl hyacinths around my plate on my birthday. Hope, new beginnings, grey becoming green...

I love April.

Thanks for visiting :)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Your comment about April and October being seasonal equivalents in the northern and southern hemispheres suddenly made something clear to me. I've always liked April second best (after October, my birth month), and I think now I know why...it's the yin to my yang ;)

all over the map said...

wasp - Thanks for sharing the memories. We obviously grew up in completely different climates. My preference is actually colder climates with a change in each season. More to look forward to and I like change. Happy Birthday.

sogn - Yeah when I wrote that I was thinking they were sort of "sister" months. October is my favorite month. Crisp, crunchy air is what comes to mind, amongst many others(but hey I'd better save it for my monthly muse, tee hee).
Thanks again.

Erin said...

I love April, but I agree, October is my favorite month too. It's also my birth month and I just love the "feel" of it.

Thanks for the comments on my blog. stop in often, I'll be back here.