06 April 2007

what i'm feeling

I’ve decided that my April month of blogging will be coined “inspiration”. It seems fitting, as it has been the reoccurring feeling that has come over me.

Beautiful photos, shared memories, web skills displayed, stories told, quotes written down, suggestions made, creative blog names, family photos, poetic musings, recipes shared, adventures taken, roads traveled, insecurities revealed, laugh-out-loud words written, advice given, encouraging words, personal perspectives, help solicited, ideas shared, art explored, art created, experiments made, souls revealed, friendships formed, hearts warmed, emotions spilled out and connections made.

All of these are found in the blogging community and they are what inspire me.


Cherrye said...

Ahhh, Cheeky! How nice! You can get inspired from reading blogs...(that is my downfall...I keep reading and reading and reading)

all over the map said...

I'm overwhelmed too. Trust me I am reading, and reading and reading. Getting sucked in sometimes, like a good book. I'm trying, slowly, to let the creative side of me be nurtured.

susanna said...

Yeah! I totally agree! There are just so many creative souls out there in the blogosphere - including you, m'dear! :)

Pam said...

You are an inspiration too. Thanks for nurturing your creativity via your blog...it's wonderful!