01 April 2007

my piece of paradise

Waikiki is the city centre on the island of Oahu and it is the “hub” of the Hawaiian Islands. While it does not lack any conveniences like places to eat and a variety of shopping, it is not the island of choice for me. It has become very developed and ever so crowded. It is not the “getaway” sort of retreat that I have in mind when thinking of island paradise, but “hey” I’m not in any position to complain when my employer pays for my visit here.

With the “Aloha” spirit in hand, I decided to head out and get a little retrieve from all the commotion of the cement jungle. I needed to breathe the outside air, feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders, the island breeze on my face and take pleasure in the beauty that is Hawaii.

The hotel is only a few blocks from the beach and after making my way those few blocks through the noise of traffic, I arrived at one of the beachfront hotels, which happens to have lovely grounds to wander on. I admired the ponds with lily pads, ducks and even a few turtles, the gorgeous orchids in bloom and the few exotic creatures that reside there.

Sacred Ibis Native to Africa, these balck and white birds use their long, curved, black beak to probe for insects and shellfish. Ancient Egyptians worshipped and mummified the Sacred Ibis. (sorry, this little guy didn't pose well for me)

African Lesser Flamingo The smallest of twelve species of flamingos, their delicate pink color comes from the algae and small crustaceans they eat. They feed by filtering out tiny organisms in the water with specialized grooves in their beaks.

Arriving at the beach alas, I treasured the calm that followed. It felt good to have my feet touch the sand and for the sand to squish through my toes. The water was warm and inviting and it felt oh so good. I walked and walked enjoying each step. I admired families and children at the water’s edge. I watched their innocence and the sense of joy on their faces from playing in the sand, and from simply living in the moment. I admired and took it all in.

Letting my feet get buried in the sand.

My footprints in the sand.

Dark clouds hovered in the distance but it didn’t take away from the beauty that was happening on the beach. I sat myself down and enjoyed the view. I day dreamed a bit and let myself get lost in the moment. The sun was preparing to set and the clouds still lingered around. The moment came and the sun went down in all its glory. As soon as it set, the hovering clouds that had been so patient and kind had waited long enough and they decided to dowse us with their drops of rain.

The dark clouds that hovered in the east.

Sunset over Waikiki beach.

As I walked back to the hotel, I felt refreshed, energized and there was even more spring in my step. I felt like I had left the spa after a full treatment, only I wasn’t stuck with the tab at the end. I am grateful for my little piece of paradise. It reminded me of how truly blessed we are to find the treasures in all of God’s creations.


all over the map said...

That was strange. My first deleted comment, not that I have many comments anyway. It must have been a spam sort of thing?

meredith said...

I used to live in Hawaii, on the Big Island. This post gives me a big case of nostalgia. I would go to Waikiki 3-4 times weekends a year, to do some shopping and enjoy the big city life there.

Erin said...

Wow, you take beautiful pictures. I'd love to go to Hawaii one day. By the way, what does your blog name mean? Just curious.

Louise said...

Beautiful Pics!! I would love to visit Hawaii some day!!

all over the map said...

Louise, I hope you get the chance to visit Hawaii with your husband and kiddos. It's a beautiful place. Maui and Kauai, lovely. Thanks for coming by. Always a pleasure.