10 October 2014

Weekend Links | Nº 2

What does 'Live Well' mean to you? For me, it is a combination of things but enjoying the simple and small things is one of the key ways I live well. Catching a glimpse, like above, and just savouring it is one of those things for me.
Have a great weekend! Enjoy the links. I hope you are inspired.

• Yeah. I pretty much think this is the coolest ice chest I've seen. And I want to make one!

• My favourite sleep gear is boxer shorts and a tee. I also want to make quite a few of these.

Birthday letter to self. I like her perspective.

• The most candid and honest writing from a hugely successful and incredibly talented blogger about depression. And I can't say enough how much I admire this.

• This is awesome in so many ways. Not your average Christmas card/letter for sure.
And download her nifty envelope liners here.

• Make a great travel binder/travel journal like Kelly Purkey did here. I so like her aesthetic. Girl's got some serious style happening if I say so myself.

• Who knew pegboard could look so hip + new.

xo, Collette

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