13 October 2014

Currently | A List of Doings

I'd be lying if I said I didn't like lists. And I know I am not alone fellow list makers/lovers. Whatever type of list it be: grocery, to-do, goals, life list, etc. There's something very satisfying about writing things down. It is a bit like a journal to me and definitely a way organise my thoughts and clear my head.

Dreaming about travel and planning a trip. I don't know where or when but it has been very present and on my mind of late. Considering I use to travel all the time, it's time to start making that happen. And it needn't be half way around the world. I'm open to all adventures, near & far.

Welcoming the change in weather all be it slow. Fall, come on already! You're hinting but not all the way here. The cooler nights are starting to feel so good.

Wanting to take a couple of classes. Photography and any class related to graphic design. For me, for fun. Just because I want to.

Listening to podcasts and thinking I need to go to these more often. So much stuff out there and so interesting.

Adding this book to my 'want to read list'. You can listen to an interview with Louis Zamperini here.

Watching The Voice and liking the team this season. I think Gwen & Pharrell make fabulous editions. Especially Gwen. C'mon she's the lone girl and she's funny and ever-so-fashionable. Looking forward to the knock-out rounds.

Cooking/Making a lot more lately. Chili, meatballs + marinara, Chinese chopped salad (sans chicken), coleslaw and deviled eggs. Not all together of course!  I do love to cook but admit I'm not forever inspired to always make it happen but when I find my rhythm I am so on it! I do enjoy food prep, the handling of fresh ingredients and the process of bringing it all together. It's relaxing. I need to remember this when I'm feeling uninspired and in a hurry. Or just lazy.

Studying The Book of Psalms. Under the tutelage of great teachers of course. Packed with so much inspiration it's amazing. And I'm not surprised because God's Word is always amazing. Always.

Wearing flip flops and sandals and sleeping with a light weight blanket still. Gah! Can't wait to put on socks and proper shoes and denims and scarfs and jumpers. Can't wait!

Getting ready to start Christmas card designs/plans. Yes already! It is that time. I have failed these last couple of years at sending them out. Not going to happen this year!

Thinking about Thanksgiving details. Looking at recipes, dreaming about table settings and the like but not sure what we're doing just yet? Last year was so good I'm still savouring it.

Using my glue stick, corner punch, scissors and pens a lot. And loving every minute. A good black pen goes a long way in my book. A long way.

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