09 February 2012

Get Your Skate On!

Do you roller skate? Or did you use to roller skate? I think it would be safe to say that my second home was the local roller rink when I was a young teen. Oh how I loved to skate and still do. 
Last year whilst still living in Australia I went roller skating for the first time in years, and by years I mean a lot of years. I had not been to the roller rink since those teen years I'm sure. And like riding a bike I hadn't forgotten how and remembered why I liked it so much. It's wicked fun and great exercise. Now my guy and I get our skate on regularly. Yes that's right! We bought new skates. I know total geeks, right? We love it and we like discovering new places to get our skate on. They're usually old and quite weathered and feel a bit like stepping back into 1982 but that's all part of the charm. It's old school and it's still fun.

We went skating together for the first time at our old haunt where we both skated as teens. Lots of memories there and it hasn't changed that much.
So the story goes like this: We ended up liking it so much after two times we were hooked, again, and decided we'd invest in our own roller skates because using those yucky rentals is just that, yucky! And we knew we were going to be doing this regularly so why not.
The pair in the photo above are mine. Very similar to the ones I had as a teen. I love that! And funny enough now we're talking about getting some outdoor wheels and different indoor ones to suit our roller skating needs and I'm cracking myself up thinking about how we have become a part of the roller skating culture. And let me tell ya, it is a culture!

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