08 December 2010

Silver & Grey

1. Gathering of Goodness, 2. IMG_2138, 3. I am a SUCKER!, 4. dorothea dress

Feeling very inspired by silver and grey at the moment. Thinking silvery, sparkly, super shiny glitter is what I need right now and something to adhere it to. Remembering the 'good' silver cutlery brought out for holiday meals at my grandparents. Thinking of the northern hemisphere and comfy, cosy flannel sheets and dogs curled up. Liking the idea of that grey dress layered with tights and a beautiful winter's scarf. Time to turn on some Christmas music. Silver Bells perhaps.

1 comment:

swell.life said...

What a lovely collage! The glitzy M is my fav.

I just received your very kind message regarding the craft party how-to. Thanks for tipping me off to the book Crafternoon. I'd honestly never heard of it! Am off to check it out.

Your blog is so so pretty and inspiring. Thanks for brightening my day!