04 December 2010

Fabric Scraps + Note Cards

Krafty Gift Bags Tutorial from Roben-Marie Smith on Vimeo.

I like brown paper bags and I'm also a big fan of creative wrapping ideas. Mix the two together and I'm in. Watch this video for a really simple + creative way to do just that. I loved it and it inspired me to use the same idea with some plain stationery I had that was not being used. Again, I'm in if it means using materials I already have. I didn't have any brown paper bags but they are now on my list. I found this video via Ali Edwards' Twitter.

So here's my version of a few little note cards made from my stash of scraps. I must say I like the idea and it could be varied in so many different ways putting your own touch on it. I intentionally left part of the note card blank so I could hand write something there or maybe stamp a word or sentiment in that space.

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