28 April 2010

"Charmed, I'm Sure"

Charms and I go way back and when I stumbled upon Charms4you I just couldn't help but take a look. I decided to peek at Etsy in avoidance of hunkering down to the exciting business of job searching. A little virtual wondering in the form of retail therapy, although technically it isn't real retail therapy, more like retail therapy browsing because rest assured I am not purchasing a thing. Promise!

Why I got stuck on these little gems was in part a serious case of memory flashback to the charm bracelet I own and have owned since grade 2. It was gifted to me for making my first holy communion way back in the day bearing a single charm. Over the years it has become adorned with so many charms that I ran out of room on the bracelet and now have a whole bunch of homeless charms. (I think I need a second bracelet). Each one represents a place visited, a significant event or is simply a symbol of things cherished and adored. It's just chock full of goodness.

I still on occasion add to the charm collection and every now and again my mom(mum) helps add to that collection because they are so darned cute in all their smallness I can't help it. I really do need to wear the old one and seriously consider getting a second one to house the ones that do not yet have a home. I selected my favourites above and I have to say I love them all but that popcorn and hot dog made me smile. I guess I'm reminiscing of times treasured and those two pieces are iconic America and proudly so.

{images: Charms4you}

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