22 April 2010

Bicycle Dreams

Have I ever told you I have a serious crush on the UK and all things British? Well almost ALL things, ha! I am also a huge fan of the old push bike especially the likes of vintage ones. So when I spotted this on From Britain with Love's blog well my mind got busy and started to wonder off to a seaside town in England, through the countryside in Scotland, on a farm road in Wales and over the lush green hills of Northern Ireland. Riding one of these of course! Enter Pashley Cycles. Hand building bicycles in Stratford-upon-Avon. Need I say anymore?

Pictured first is the lovely Britannia. Is she not lovely? She comes in red, blue and white (my favourite).

And then there's Sonnet Pure. Folks she's a Shakespeare inspiration. I kid you not.

And last but certainly not least allow me to introduce Princess Sovereign. I think she and I would make fast friends and she's adorned with exactly the extras that suit me.

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