11 October 2009

am not pet obsessed

This photo doesn't really have anything to do with this post. Well maybe a little. Since I don't have any other photos to post and she truly does bring a lot of laughter around here. Thinking I'm becoming one of those weird, pet obsessed people. No, seriously I'm not! Really I'm not!

Have been up since 7 but really thought I'd sleep in. Missed church today. Bummed about that as I love seeing all my church family. Am hungry. Must eat something good and warm and filling. It's cold inside. Especially when sitting at computer only moving fingers across keyboard.

It seems I am back to pink and gray (new banner) and without having any plan in mind just gravitated toward those colours. mmmhh ............ suppose it all depends on my frame of mind or mood perhaps. Not that I'm in a gray mood because I'm not! Perfectly happy to sit and play with graphic design. Oh perfectly happy. Now if I could have that same attitude to complete the stack of things I should be doing but am really not interested in doing.

Off to play with more design inspired things and take Lucy for a walk even if she does look mighty cosy all snugged up in her blanket. What a life, eh?

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