29 October 2008

More Pink and a New Crush

{images: Record The Day}

I do, I do! I have a new crush. On the visual delights at Record The Day. I'm smitten and captivated by all these wonderfully, yet small scale visual treats. I want to sit and stare and gaze at them forever and ever. I do!

I really love these collages. I really like the incorporation of the miscellaneous bits and pieces of daily life. The little notes we collect, or pages we tear, the business cards we are handed, the packaging from our favorite shop or the words we jot down. It is done so beautifully here and I'm completely inspired. It's a wonderful way to gather and keep all of the things we dream about and are inspired by.

I have intentionally featured all of them in pink because, well, I simply could not help myself and it is the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Not that that will stop me from splashing pink around. Just saying, you know?

And if that's not enough for you. Record The Day also has and etsy shop & blog called Lobster & Swan filled with her collection of "estate sale lots," like the two shown above, and other fabulous goodies. So if you want to add some lovely haberdashery to your own collection she's got some wonderful little packages in her shop. I SO want this one and this one! :)


Lobster and swan said...

Hello and thank you for featuring me : )

you have put this collection of my record cards together so nicely here. It took me a second or two to realize they were mine!

Pink is such a cheerful colour. I hope you are enjoying your week.

Erin said...

I've love all the pink goodness you've had on your blog lately. I have never been a fan of pink until the last year or so. Now I LOVE it! Could have something to do with having two little girls : ) Hope you are well (((hugs))).