31 October 2008

A Halloween Wish For You

A very Happy Halloween to all of those partaking in the festivities.

if you are:
taking your children trick-or-treating
dressing in costume
handing out treats
getting to see all of the neighbourhood kids in costume
lighting your jack-o-lanterns
munching popcorn, candy corn & caramel apples
listening to spooky music
enjoying your Halloween decorations
hosting a gathering for family & friends or
feeling sick from sugar overload & eating the treats you are suppose to be handing out . . . . .

just know I am a wee bit jealous. It will be quiet here. I doubt we will have any trick-or-treaters but if we do I will be very surprised.

It's the atmosphere of my hometown I miss most. All of the children that fill the streets dressed in the most brilliant of costumes. Many proudly sporting their mother's handmade creations. Oh how I miss you all and all of your cuteness. So on this Halloween eve, I wish you all a night filled with the treats that Halloween brings.


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susanna said...

Happy Halloween to YOU!