14 May 2007

much obliged: 4 things même

It was a bit of a même-a-thon for me recently. I did this, this and this all relatively close to one another.

Being the wonderful sport that I am, I refuse to disappoint or let down the lovely sognatrice who kindly tagged me for this. Besides, now I can repay her the favor, guilt free, when I need to. That's my understanding of how this works and besides what are friends for, right? Right. (tee hee)

Stick around as I may even add a second post today. I'm feeling a little ambitious as I haven't posted the last few days and I may be having blogger withdrawals. Great! I already have BCSS and now I could have BWS (Blogger Withdrawal Syndrome).

4 Things même. Here it goes:

4 Jobs I've held:
1. Summer Recreation Counselor (Summer job between uni breaks - loads of fun).
2. Hostess at a French Restaurant ( The owners were French; husband & wife team. He was "the" chef and she ran the place. He could be a real pain, and she was particular but we were a small group and all of us were tight. Besides, I had a free meal everyday and it was ever so yummy).
3. Placement Representative for a temporary employment agency (Hands down, worst job ever!)
4. Flight Attendant (aka: Stewardess - for those wanting to use the archaic term, Trolley Dolly, Air Hostess and my favorite "Oh Miss").

4 Movies I can watch over and over:
1. A Christmas Story (and I do every year at Christmas)
2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (again, a funny, LOL, movie I enjoy at Christmas)
3. Braveheart
4. Sliding Doors

4 Places I've lived:
1. Kensington, London, England
2. Leideneck, der Hünsruck, Germany
3. Perth, WA, Australia
4. Southern California, USA

4 Categories of television programming I enjoy:
1. Any DIY/Home/Cooking shows: Better Homes & Gardens Australia, Backyard Blitz, or any of the many great shows on HGTV. Any show that shares how-to projects, craft ideas, recipes, etc.
2. Travel shows: Postcards WA, The Great Outdoors. Any good travel show with sound travel tips/advice.
3. History documentaries, biographies, etc
4. Animal Planet: I usually end up "boo-hooing" like a baby but I simply can't help myself.

4 Places I have been on holiday:
1. Greece
2. Hawaiian Islands
3. Frisian Islands, off the coast of the Netherlands and Germany
4. The Caribbean

4 of my favorite dishes:
1. My grandmother's sauerkraut, pork and dumplings
2. real Greek yogurt and fresh fruit drizzled with honey
3. Buttered potatoes mash with gravy made from the meat drippings. I know, heart attack-on-a-plate, but it's worth every enjoyable bite. Sometimes it's good to be bad!
4. Grilled white fish, hummus, tabouli, lentil soup, olives and toasted pita

4 Websites I visit daily:
1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. My employer
4. Apple

4 Places I'd rather be right now
1. Wrapped, or what we call koeksister, with SAM anywhere. Koeksister is a sweet treat but because it's braided it has adopted a slang meaning "entangled, wrapped up closely" with your partner when used in that context.
2. Laying face down on a massage table for the next hour and a half enjoying pure bliss.
3. Strolling the streets of Paris with my man, browsing antiques, capturing photos of Parisian life, a little koeksister in the park while gazing at the Eiffel Tower, enjoying long delicious meals and not having a care in the world except for the moment we were in.
4. South Africa with the entire family visiting and enjoying each other.

I now pronounce you "tagged":

Cate: I know you want to.
Waspgoddess: We both like a même, now and again, right?
Karen Beth: I know Karen Beth likes a good même also.
Vanessa: I know you were tagged by sognatrice also, and I thought you might as well kill two birds with one stone while you are at it. Besides, you are great at doing these.



Louise said...

Great read!! So many new things I've learnt about you....
Mmmm the food sounds SO yummy!!Lets do dinner sometime with all our faves...k maybe not all but a few at least ;)!!
Love all the places you'd rather be!!!
Have a great day!
Looking forward to seeing the other memes!

Recy Vintage & Creations said...

Done! Here is the link:


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Trolley Dolly?! I've never heard that! I think you have a new nickname ;) P won't let me watch Animal Planet any more for the very reason you described, and man could I go for some sauerkraut. Excellent job :)

all over the map said...

Louise, You're on! We'd be doing lunch, scrapping, knitting and all the good stuff if we were closer.

KB, You are too quick! Loved it, and thanks for playing.

sognatrice, Fortunately, I only get to see Animal Planet and most others when staying in a hotel with cable, as we don't have any. I always have to grab a towel from the bathroom to wipe away my wet face, no joke! :( Pitiful isn't it It would be fun to get our dose of sauerkraut and watch Animal Planet at the same time though.

Cate, You have been now! Hah! Consider this your official initiation. I'm going to be checking on you.

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Okay, I love "A christmas story" Hey, I didn't know there was another Vanessa out there... hee hee.....Well, silly me, of course there is... xxo,V

Nadine said...

Fun places you've been to and the places you've rather be.

all over the map said...

Vanessa V, There is no other like you though. Somehow, I can easily understand that you too like A Christmas Story. How can anyone miss the humour?

Nadine, It's always nice to think about those places. I've been blessed but admit still have a serious craving to visit many more places.

susanna said...

Wow! You have traveled EVERYWHERE! What an interesting life you are leading, Cheeky. I wanted to be a flight stewardess when I was a child. I bet you've seen some pretty amazing places. Actually, I'd love to hear what your five favourite moments in foreign lands were/are.
A Christmas Story is up there on my Christmas holiday viewing list, too. And yes, home decorating and travel shows are my favourites, too. Especially Lonely Planet. And I'm going to teach my husband the word "koeksister". It might require a demo. ;p