22 April 2007

sunday scribblings: #56 - rooted

(Banyon Tree Hilo, Hawaii © cheeky)

The last three years of my life have been the most trying and difficult of times. There have been some major life changes and a few low points I’d rather forget, but even in the darkest of times I have still been blessed with love and goodness. Let’s just say, this isn’t what I had planned for my life nor was it where I thought I would be at this point in my life. If someone would have asked me prior to this what I’d being doing and where my life would take me; I never, in a million years, would have imagined where I am now. It has also been a period of significant personal growth, sometimes beyond my understanding.

What I have recognized is that I am rooted. Rooted deeply, here in my hometown and it’s okay. I was fascinated and interested at an early age to travel, learn a language foreign to my own and live in another country different than my own, and I did. I craved the experience. My grandfather always said it was the gypsy in me. I use to see returning to where I am from as boring, maybe even unacceptable because I had planned out this adventurous and exciting life for myself. My life would be different and interesting and I believed I couldn’t achieve that if I came back. I thought it would somehow nullify the experiences I did have.

I was wrong. I did move back and will soon move again. This time with more perspective and understanding of what I leave. I have a deeper appreciation of where I grew up and my life here is not boring; it is, and has been, adventurous, exciting, different and interesting. These things are not created by where you live but by how you live. I have come full circle and being rooted is what I crave. I will allow myself to be planted on new ground. I will nurture that ground in hopes of being rooted, yet again.

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Vanessa said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Seeing some of the parallels drawn I can draw between this and my own SS post, made me smile :)

susanna said...

It sounds as if you've come full circle and found contentment where you began. Contentment doesn't mean that you won't wander out again. Even gypsies take roots for a bit! I think you've found a way to have the best of both worlds - your hometown and the world. And you're right, it's all about HOW we live.

Erin said...

Beautiful post. I always had a wanderlust and always thought it would be better to live somewhere more exciting, but I now realize that my hometown is a gem and I'm surrounded by people I love and who love me. It's something you can't just find anywhere. Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

isn't it amazing, that in difficult times is when we can grow the most? it almost makes you want to believe that maybe they are not as difficult as they seem.

i love the idea of things not being created by where you live, but how.

lovely post! cheers!

Louise said...

great post!! love your perspective, it is SO true, you create your own excitement wherever you are!

Hope your new home has many exciting things in store for you and hope you are able to plant new roots!!

tongue in cheek said...

Beautiful and soulful.

Bloom and bloom and bloom again in all the places in your heart.

Vanessa V. said...

Oh, I do understand where you are voming from! Completely really. I am impressed at your outlook and that you have the ability to analyze and learn. Some people live a whole life-time before they are able to get introspective. Youa re on the right path....xxo,V

Sam said...

Funny- I posted a similar picture for my post.