08 May 2010

Record The Day: a good dose of inspiration

I was looking through a magazine and tore out a couple of things and then I had the urge to take a peek at Record The Day. I hadn't visited in a while but it's always a good dose of inspiration when I do. I love these little pieces and I really like the visual satisfaction my mind gets from looking at these. I feel like my creative side gets to take a long walk on a path chock full of visual goodness. I like to wonder this way.

1. I'm not sure what it is with the black and white but it feels calm and simple and I like it. A lot.

2. I see friendship and togetherness and it reminds me of great friends, moments shared and laughter. There is nothing like having wonderful friends and it makes me miss my awesome friends in the US.

3. I like the creative corners and I especially like the frames. I've been really attracted to groupings of frames of late.

4. And the last one. Well I couldn't help but think of my mum because she is the queen of all things wrapped and has this way of putting a very special touch on any gift she wraps.

Besides just enjoying these visual displays it fascinates me how they speak to each of us in a unique way.

{all images: Record The Day}

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