22 May 2010

Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones & Kickstarter

Meet Fresher that Fresh Snow Cones. The whole concept + product and vision is inspiring and it makes me want to be seven again enjoying the sweet taste of a snow cone on a hot summer's day.

Serving up natural flavours sans artificial colours Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones is bringing back, not only better quality, but all the goodness that should go along with the "ice cream truck" or rather trailer in this case. I like it!

You can help fund this project and read the story here at Kickstarter. *Speaking of, I only recently discovered Kickstarter and let me just say I am completely smitten and inspired. Exciting stuff. I am a fan already. Some good stuff being introduced there it is so encouraging.

{all images: Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones}

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