25 May 2010

Flickr: four favourites

{1. Thrifted, 2. Awaiting Doors, 3. Flags, 4. Untitled}

I'm getting Flickr*ized* folks and finally updating and slowly creating my own photostream (it's still in the baby stage so no laughing) where I hope to share my own photographic attempts of various things but in the meantime I'm in some serious awe of the inspiration and talent out there. Goodness!

I seem to be really pulled of late to these dreamy, soft, colourful and delicate spaces. I really like all of these next to one another. What do you think?


shopgirl said...

What a lovely collage. I love pastels with splashes of bright colours.

Very pretty blog!


Janet said...

are these pictures from your home? these pictures remind me of one of my other favorite blogs. Can't remember if I told you about it:) http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/

hoopty doopty said...

@Janet, These are four of my favourites from Flickr. Other people's photos I have favoured on Flickr. I wish I could claim these as my own.
Do we know each other?