21 June 2009

i'm back

I've just had the gooiest, chocolatey*est hot chocolate with melted marshmallows of raspberry and vanilla on top. It's cold out. I'm exhausted and will sleep like a baby tonight. Rain is forecast the entire week. All smiles here.

The photos above are from an afternoon browsing around the Fremantle markets. Oh what fun. I love hats. I am looking forward to visiting that shop next time and actually going in. I couldn't believe how reasonable the prices were on those hats outside.

I've jumped back into the blogosphere and am happy about that. Hoopty Doopty was something my grandfather used to call me. It makes me smile thinking about it. I can still here him say it. My mum still says Hoopty Do sometimes. Yes I'm sentimental. While trying to come up with something for the blog, I remembered Hoopty Doopty and it stuck. So Hoopty Doopty it is. Silly. Perhaps? But I like it and it seems to fit.

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