25 November 2008

My Pin Board

1. handmade paper i made
2. books & letters ~ my faves
3. pin tack (made by me)
4. a piece of mdf cut out in my initial(thanks sweety) ~ i have plans to cover it with paper or fabric
5. my 50 cent tea cup from the op shop (it's just there because i thought it looked pretty)
6. yummy yarn ~ totally inspiring me right now
7. lovely embossed card front from a dear friend
8. butterfly i cut out from a piece of clip art
9. another pretty card from same dear friend
10. handmade card by my mum
11. a simple, no clutter, minimalist bathroom sink ~ just to remind me that less is more

It's been a really long time since I used a pin board/inspiration board. I've always been one to keep little bits and pieces. You know, like the pretty note card a friend sends or the lovely paper from a wedding, shower or birthday invitation that is just too nice to chuck out and you still want to enjoy it a little bit longer. The only problem is that if you are not organised (and I'm not always) things tend to get cluttered up and before you know it you just have a stack of "stuff" that becomes a pile that is crammed or stuffed somewhere else and then it's not being enjoyed at all.

That used to be me. I always had good intentions of re-purposing or organising the things I had saved but too often they became part of a pile that got neglected. Now I am more diligent about what I keep and I make sure I have a place for it. A proper place. It's no longer that mystery pile labeled, "What the heck is in there?"

My point about all of this was that reacquainting myself with the pin board again has helped me to enjoy those little treasures and also have a place to house any other piece of inspiration, photo or what not.

It's evolved a little bit more since I took this photo and it is still a little bare. Of course, I would like to paint the trim and spruce it up some but I figured if I waited to that I'd end up with a pile and that would defeat my purpose.

I love to see what others put on their boards. I'm guessing there might be flikr group for that? I'll have to see. What's on your board?


Louise said...

Wow that is inspirational, I don't have a board like that...maybe I should ;)

Your homemade paper is amazing>>>LOVE IT!!


tonight I start putting together pieces for my December scrapbook!!

Suz said...

I took my board down when I moved, and I haven't had space to put it up. I do miss it. Lovely!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Would love to look at something so pretty every day for inspiration as I work. I just may have to get my craft back on in the new year....

Anonymous said...

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