06 October 2008

knitting 101

After talking the talk the past few years about learning to knit, I finally walked the walk. I. Can. Knit. Woohoo! And I’m quite happy thank you very much. It feels like forever that I’ve been admiring everyone else's knitting projects. Every time I gawked over their fabulous creations, I was always feeling that tug, that desire to know how. Well I guess timing is everything because I finally sat myself down and gave it a go.

I’m knitting a scarf. I know. Isn’t that what every beginner starts with? I’ve made plenty of mistakes but I keep on going. I think all of the mistakes will only give it more character. Don’t you agree?

It feels good to learn something I’ve wanted to do for so long. I look forward to learning so much more and tackling another on my list of things to try/learn.

What’s on your list? What “something” new have you learned or tried recently?


Vee said...

Well done you! I think I start a scarf every few years but I am yet to complete one. I get bored.

Look forward to seeing the end result.

tiffany said...

Bravo to you for learning how to knit! Let this first scarf be your "learning scarf." By the end of the scarf, you will have developed enough character to recognize when you should actually take out stitches and start over. That was the part of knitting I couldn't ever master.

Patience is key. As is learning the proper technique. You'll do great things!!

Suz said...

Hello!! :)
Knitting is good. It is so fun to hold what you've made. Feels good.

I am pushing myself to try new recipes and work on old ones, tweaking them and/or finding ones that I really like. It's good. I am also focusing on the breakfast thing.

Peace, friend!! Happy coming of summer to you as well!

kelley kelley said...

knitting is on mine too! that and precious metal clay & teaching journal writing classes.... i look forward to seeing your fabulous creations (they will all be fabulous you know ;-) ox kelley

Epp said...

I totally know that feeling, when you have admired something from distance so long, never having even dared to try it yourself, and when you finally do, it's not so difficult at all. (My most recent revelation of this kind was with needle-felting: you just take a piece of wool, stick a needle in it, and hey, what do you know - the wool turns into felt!) Kind of makes you feel omnipotent, doesn't it?
Your scarf looks really cool. Love the colour and the chunkiness (if such a word exists in English :P).
Greetings from Frankfurt am Main, Germany! Epp

meredith said...

I would like to learn more about photo editing.

susanna said...

Hey, this looks good! Scarves makes great Christmas presents...

What have I recently learned? How to make little dolls out of paper mache, wire and felt. That's what I've been doing lately.

Sandra Evertson said...

It lovely so far! Great color too!
Happy Halloween!

Kims Art said...

I know just how you feel! I could always crochet, but learned to knit 8 years ago. It was just something I really wanted to learn. Have fun! Happy Halloween!

ikkinlala said...

I actually started with a dishcloth... I guess I wasn't ambitious enough to knit a scarf at that point. Yours is looking nice so far!

Something new I've tried recently is spinning with a drop spindle. I'm not very good at it yet, but I'm having fun.

Jen Lee said...

I love my knitting, but recently I started learning to sew, too. I like how fast sewing is, but I will never give up the meditation of knitting.